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Monday, October 02, 2006


Republican Values

UPDATE: Michael Castle's buddy John Boehner knew that Foley was a sexual predator FOR FIVE YEARS and not only did nothing to stop Foley from having more contact with pages, but Boehner sat by while Foley was appointed to chair a select committee where he would come into contact with children at risk. The NYT reports Boehner could face charges:

"“If there were people who knew about him or protected him,” he said, “some sort of complicity or conspiracy charge is certainly viable."

Maybe Beau Biden should ask Mr. Castle if he knew about Boehner's complicty in the cover up when he invited Boehner here to Delaware to campaign for him or when he traveled with Boehner to Venice Italy (jpg) on a junket?

No wonder we have no statement from Castle on this yet.

The emerging evidence for a cover-up is as simple to understand as it is chilling to contemplate. House Republican leaders stand accused of allowing a sexual predator to work directly with adolescent boys and girls and lead a committee on child Internet safety, while those same Republicans knew he was making lewd and unwelcome advances to teenage boys for years. - kos

- h/t Americablog

I was waiting for someone else to bring this up. I read this last week that he knew.

nice huh?

Oh but don't forget? He works with moderates so he is a great guy.

sick, just sick!
Foley was just like Castle trading on that fake "I'm a moderate" BS.
The link you have provided here with Foley's predatory e-mails from early 2000's after a system of warnings were put into place to try to protect young people from Foley shows that the GOP is NOT IN ANY WAY tha party of family values.

Did Foley get on hte bandwagon against gay marriages too?

they are done. kaput.

[It's possible Foley could end up being prosecuted under laws he helped to enact as the co-chairman of the House caucus on Missing and Exploited Children. ]

too disgusted to laugh
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