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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


"Not Picking Up Her Phone"

If anyone is in DC and sees Mr. Castle's press secretary, Elizabeth Wenk, out and about can you please let her know that I am trying to get in touch with her. If you want to see if she is still "not picking up her phone" her number is (202) 225-4165.

Wenk - I know you are reading this. Just call me.
Reach him at 1-800-I-need-a-life
Hey, Cyberstalker. Where did you find Wenk's picture?

Simply working for a Congressman shouldn't open her up to the harassing behavior you exhibit here.
I'm not a stalker, I am a constituent. She and Castle work for me, so if they are not going to return my calls (or even take my calls) I have every right to point it out to my fellow constiuents.

It is called Democracy, bro. Look into it.
be that as it may, you are a creepy, creepy individual.
I've been called worse. Now then, can you do me a favor and let Elizabeth know that I'd like to speak with her.

your not a constituent, you are an agent for their oppontent's campaign. (and a kook and a stalker)
sticks and stones.
I was PISSED when I saw Wharton and the Repunlicans give out Beau's campaign office phone number in their commercial... we don't need to be at their level. Keep fighting the good fight in a good way.
- KC
P.S. Me, my family and my close friends (even the republicans) will be voting for Dennis Spivack!
Another reformed ticket splittter for Spivack. Welcome.

As for me trying to get an answer from Castle's office to a few simple questions - I don;t think that amounts to stalking, being a creep or sinking to Republican levels.

It just means I want my representaive in Congress to be accountable.
Silly boy. Accountability is so 1990's.
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