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Friday, October 13, 2006


News Journal letter writer calls out Castle/Carper on Tariffs

Tariff intervention needed exposure as political favors

I'm glad to see Democratic congressional candidate Dennis Spivack blow the whistle on cozy tariff deals that have little to do with economic development and helping American firms and much to do with returning favors for contributions.

If these items are legitimate, then have Rep. Michael Castle and Sen. Tom Carper explain the rationale and benefits. It is ironic that tariff relief goes to non-U.S. firms as well. How does that help American business?

Both politicians should return money received from any favored firm to avoid ethical questions.

J.Y. - Middletown

Full Disclosure: JY and I are fellow PDDers. (Notice how he does not let Carper off the hook.) Great letter Jim! If you want to get involved with a group that is reforming the Democratic Party and returning it to its social and economic justice roots - join the PDD.

BONUS: Join PDD today by clicking here and get a free pack of 50 GOTV sticky notes and be part of the Democratic tidal wave this November.

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