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Monday, October 09, 2006


Mike Ramone's Buddy

Maybe Santorum gave Ramone the idea for the dirty tricks phone blast mentioned last week by Glass?

And the point of this is?
Ramone is running as a businessman from the community, but he is actually an operative from the GOP back office.

He is making all kinds of moderate noises, but really his positions are just like Santorum's, only Ramone is much smarter than Santorum and phrases them more carefully for his blue-state audience. Want more?

Santorum knows dirty tricks. Like Ramone, Santorum also has experience making false claims about security threats. In August 05 Santorum goons sicced a state trooper onto a couple of teenagers who were overheard making perfectly legal jokes about Santorum at his Barnes and Noble book signing.

After that episode Santorum should have his ass kicked any time he shows up in Delaware.
I agree that no Delawarean should vote for Rick Santorum this year. Other than that, your comment has no bearing on Mike Ramone.
More blather from a party hack that knows Mike Ramone has an excellent chance of winning in November.
From what I saw Thursday night, I thought Mike Ramone handled himself quite well. Sokola's OK...but he's always rubbed me the wrong way since his business with the Department of Education...As for Santorum, he's a fool. The biggest piece of crap in the Senate today.
You missed the point.

That is a POSED photograph - not a candid shot. Ramone stood there on purpose to show his solidarity and identification with the Santorum agenda.

Look how many GOP figures at the same event managed to evade having their pictures taken with Radioactive Rick.
Yeah, I'm sure Ramone thought in his head "I want to show solidarity and identification with the Santorum agenda!"

Give me a break.

Does he look like he's thrilled to be in that picture?
He looks like a vampire.
he sucks? yeah
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