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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Is it me...

...or does this movie look like it is going to suck like no movie has sucked since Ishtar?

That clip they show where Robin Williams say the Bruce Springsteen should be Sectrary of that the funniest clip they have? I don't know, maybe it is me. I just see the point of a movie about a comedian as president while we are trying to get through the last few years of a joke as president.

No. It is not you. The movie will suck. We agree on that much.
Delawareliberal: I'm a uniter not a divider.
It's Clinton's fault.
Just like 'Commander in Chief' was testing the waters for Hillary, this is testing the waters for Jon Stewart.
Must... Not... Agree... with... JASON!

I think it'll be a laff-riot!
Jason did that quote come to you in a dream?
I saw it verbatum on Eschaton.
just sayin'
I said it on eschaton.

I loved it so much I posted it twice.
did you use Jason - tag?
I saw another comment from Jason and knew it was you, I missed this one, my bad!
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