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Friday, October 13, 2006


Democrats unified against the Rt. 40-fication of Kent County

Rt 40 is a blight on the landscape. Good for Harold Brode, Brad Eaby, Bob Walls, Gene Price, Jeanine Kleimo, and Bruce Ennis for helping fight the rapacious greed of the developers and the confict of interest prone Donna Stone's of the world.

This is a big issue in Kent county and the Democrats are clearly on the side of the angels in this fight.

You know I take offense to the fact that you think that a Realtor can not judge development issues fairly. I am a Realtor and I personally have many positions which are not 100% pro development.
I'm searching for a Center for Public Integrity article that I read once about Stone that laid out her record. I feel somewhat obliged to put my bile into context.
uhm Rt40 is in New Castle County
HC: I read Jase's post as saying that Kent County doesn't want the "Rt. 40-fication" that NCC has.
Also, I find it hilarious that the Dems chose, of all places, a farm slated for a development of 10 homes on 65 acres to make their case on overcrowding.
Thanks Hube, just when you think something is self-evident....

FSP - I think the low density developments are the worst offenders when it comes to bad development practices. (full disclosure: I live in a low density development)
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