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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Breaking: Presidential Hopeful Mitt Romney Under Federal Investigation

Federal officials are probing scathing allegations that the Romney administration falsely claimed to conduct safety inspections in the Big Dig tunnel that collapsed and killed a woman in July.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is zeroing in on state financial documents from 2005 - cited in a new report by state Inspector General Gregory Sullivan - indicating that Gov. Mitt Romney was reviewing the safety of the Big Dig, when in fact the administration was only checking leaks in the Interstate 93 tunnel.

"Despite repeated assurances to bondholders, (MassHighway and Romney's Executive Office of Transportation) . . . did not inspect the I-90 connector tunnel section where the July 10, 2006, collapse occurred," Sullivan's report states. "It is clear that casual disregard for the truth was grossly inappropriate." - h/t kos diary

Let's face it, "casual disregard for the truth" should not hurt him the R's primary - but might hurt him is he gets to the general.

You wrote this for me, I know.

Romney fought for years to get control of the Big Dig. The Legislature set up the MTA as an independent group and installed their own cronies. It was only when someone died that Romney was allowed to take control without interference from the Legislature.

This is a non-starter, told in a certain way by the Boston Globe for maximum impact on Romney.
Funny how "under investigation" has a horrible ring to it - even when the investgation could be just normal operating procedure. This story reminded me of a local story of a Democratic SC rep being "investigated".

What lingers in the voters mind is the "investigation" not the clearing.
AWWW you beat me to it, I just downloaded this link and was going to spring the news on FSP.
Mitt, we thought we knew ya!!!!!
Son of a Bitch GOPer cheesy f++k.
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