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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Al Mascitti puts on his tin foil hat for Weldon

Kurt "they are out to get me" Weldon has a long list of enemy's (see below) but a powerful ally in WDEL's Al Mascitti. The normally rational Mascitti thinks Weldon's trouble with the law stem from something other than his law breaking.

People Weldon says are "out to get him". D.C.-based watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and its head, Melanie Sloan former President Bill Clinton; former CIA official Mary McCarthy; former senior Justice Department official/9-11 Commission panelist Jamie Gorelick; former national security adviser Sandy Berger ("I know what he stole -- I know why he stole it!"); and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee


Democrats tend to pitch the same "tin-foil hat" conspiracy charges when accusations are made against them. Come on. I think it has less to do with someone out to get him than it does that this is a bit too well timed around elections. And Weldon does connect the dots from Sloan to Clinton. And it's pretty convincing. I'm not naive. I'm sure there are political intentions in this case against Weldon. And I think you're being naive by so casually dismissing them. I'm in no way a fan of Weldon's politics, however, I can acknowledge that there are those out there (Democrats) who want him out of office. That bein said, this investigation has been ongoing for more than two years. Dropping the bombshell three weeks before elections should definitely raise some red flags.
Did you read my post on Republican vicitmology? They use the victim card because it works.

Notice how the flags you mention are being used to obscure the fact that the guy is a criminal:

(the investigation uncovered) Weldon's support of the Russian-managed Itera International Energy Corp., one of the world's largest oil and gas firms, while that company paid fees to Solutions North America, the company that Karen Weldon and Sexton operate.

The congressman, for example, intervened on Itera's behalf when U.S. officials canceled a federal grant to the company. He also encouraged U.S. companies to do business with Itera at a time when its reputation had been sullied by accusations of Russian corruption.

Now the story is not about that, but Weldon's enemies.

Some investgations take two years. [I think if you are on the look out for events that are "a bit too well timed around elections" take a look at the Saddam verdict announcement date.]
Interestingly Weldon has been a pain to the Bush administration, so it would not surprise me given his power on the Hill if the Bush admin wanted him out of the way too. Weldon pressed the Able Danger issue that showed how the Army had the information on the purported 9-11 hijackers that was ignored by the Bush nazi crew that took us to war. He has been extremely critical of the admin on this front and on other intelligence "failures". This back story also involves Sandy Bergers cover up theft from tne national archives, referenced in your post. I am sure Weldon is persona no grata at the WH but they have to deal with him because of his power on defense related spending and legislation. It is not good to have both major power poles against you and goes to show you they will do anything to manipulate things their way. I am not saying Weldon's a choir boy but I know him well enough to know that what he says is correct. As to his daughter though that's the fair game if the timing is not. I wonder if Hastert's lobbyist kid is feeling heat these days? He should be, the little sleaze bucket.
Al told it like it was, IMHO, Able Danger was toooo dangerous for Bushco to let the good Curt be.
You make a good point. Weldon and other R's would not be in so much trouble right now if they simply stopped using public office to enrich themselves and their family members.

Even when it is done legally, as in Roger Roy's case, it looks terrible.
If they slowed the investigation to allowed the election to pass wouldn't that be "playing politics"? How would dropping a bombsell after the election be any less political? The FBI is in a lose/lose situation. Whatever they do someone is going to say it was political.
CREW can't make the justice department do anything. a justice department run by the bush administration no less.

jason's right...if republicans want to stop being investigated, maybe they should stop being criminals.

it's worth mentioning here that crazy curt was going to head to iraq himself with a shovel with the intention of digging up WMD's. anyone remember that story? the guy isn't all there.

What a loaded and spin-filled reply.
Mike, we are having a coversation here. No need to get all up in someones grill.
Sometimes I get the feeling that Matthews thinks everyone has a political bias except him.
this isn't spivack himself, it's andrew. and what exactly did i spin?
Anonymous 1,

I've got political biases, indeed, but I try not to offer up bullshit justifications to advance them.

Anonymous #2 -- Andrew,

I knew you weren't Spivack. I was just addressing you using the first word of your online handle. What did you spin? You spun that CREW can't make the justic department do anything. Of course their influence very well can. And the whole "if Republicans want to stop being investigated..." line is pure partisan hackery and you know it.

Partisan hackery...? Why because a Democrat said it? Weldon's law breaking got him in trouble. Tom Delay's law breaking got him in trouble. Roger Roy's unseemly skimming of public money for private gain got him in trouble.

Has a Democrat ever profited from public office? Of course. But do we have to preface every comment with that disclaimer? I don't hear Republicans making similar admissions.
So CREW can empanel (sp?) a grand jury? bill clinton? sandy berger? I didn't know that. I thought that was a function of the Justice Department. and who exactly in the justice department makes the call to raid his daughter's house before the election?

jason, what's up with not being able to log in under my blogger login? something weird is going on there.
First, do yourself a disservice by trying and convicting Weldom BEFORE he's been tried and convicted. There is definite libel when you say "Weldon's lawbreaking got him in trouble." It's partisan hackery when you say that.

I guess it's OK that I say the following: "Sen. Harry Reid's lawbreaking got him in trouble with his land deal." I would be just as stupid saying that. Don't exaggerate to make your point.
If I give up exaggeration then you are going to try to get me to give up ad hominem attacks and if I give those up I got nothing...

..i got nothing...(sob)
Uh oh I sense the Blogger Pissing Contest of this Month coming on : DL vs. DWA.

Place your bets --- place your bets.

It was bound to happen. Mike is feeling his political oats and Jason is usually on a collision course with anyone who comes here and is out of step with the DL thang {I don't mean that in any disparaging way cause you are consistent and pretty much fair as you scorch the eyebrows off the opposition.} Mike is formidable, J.

Ya gotta luv the blogs!
Who do I see to put $100 on Mike?
We need to hook Mike M. up with a wife, a job, a mortgage and a couple of kids. That oughta slow down his repartee a bit.

And we need to hook you up with a more interesting moniker. I'm working on the wife and mortgage, though I must say your definition of "job" is quite limiting.
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