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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Carper's GOP challengers Get Some Love

...from the NJ's Chris Barrish.

If you don't feel like reading the whole thing - here is the highlight reel.

O'Donnell: Is pushing a "pro-life" platform so strict that she would not have an abortion even if she became pregnant during a rape. She is also suing the crazy-ass right wing Intercollegiate Studies Institute in Greenville for sex discrimination. Go figure that an outfit that would publish Rick Santorum's book about how women should stay barefoot and pregnant would treat a woman like crap. Crazy old world.

Protack: Favors single payer healthcare and making fat ass smokers pay extra. Agrees with O'Donnell that legal abortion is wrong but would let her terminate if raped.

Ting: Wants to build a long fence between the US and Mexico. But gets flustered when pressed about O'Donnell's hypothetical rape. "I was no where around..." Okay. He did not say that, but he DID say, "Jan Ting has given you his views. I'm not willing to put a label on myself." This Bob Dole style second person usage does not bode well for his future in politics.


Strine: For people who wonder about Terry Strine's ability to lead the GOP, this quote about Ting will not quiet that voice inside your head. "He is extremely articulate and presentable...These reasons were basically overwhelming in the eyes of most delegates."

Terry, That is the best you could do? He is presentable? The GOP had to know that the NJ was going to give you one big Sunday showcase piece and that was the quote you came up with...? SHEEESH!

I heard from a GOP insider that most of the delegates are closing in on 100, well, geriatric anyway.

Old school on steriods?
Protack wins primary...

That just may very well make my day on the 12th and not because of Protack, but the message that sends.
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