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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Rove offered Bush's assistance in Lieberman campaign

Karl Rove, a close advisor to the President, has expressed interest in assisting Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman in retaining his seat, despite a loss in the Democratic Primary last night, ABC News has reported.

Rove was, according to the report, acting on behalf of President Bush.

George Stephanopoulos, writing for the World Newser blog at ABC, wrote that a Lieberman aide had shared with the news agency a message from the White House: "The boss wants to help. Whatever we can do, we will do.

According to the report, The Lieberman campaign is assessing its options.
- Via Raw Story

Well there you have it. The DLC can go on all it wants about how Lieberman represents the "center" - but, as previously reported, that is flat out bullshit. (Unless you consider George Bush and Karl Rove the "center".)

Why speak in code?

To hell with Carper. What an asshole.

The White House would rather deal with a man who, despite their many differences of opinion, has shown a willingness to listen to opposing viewpoints than a single-issue elitist beholden to the extremist left-wingers in his party.
Rick J


Yep. That must be it.


You are, of course, right about Carper.
Not true.

Not that truth is the highest priority here.
Hmm...Jason adopts a "wait and see" attitude regarding the international terror plot, but accepts the Rove story right away!

Anyone surprised??
Thanks for the link. It fully supports the original story:

On "Hardball" Chris Matthews just asked Republican National Chairman Ken Mehlman what he will tell GOP donors who ask his advice: donate to Lieberman, or to the Connecticut Republican nominee, Alan Schlesinger? Mehlman dodged the question, saying he would tell just people to give cash to the RNC to spend strategically. When Matthews pressed him, Mehlman again refused the chance to say that the GOP clearly supports Schlesinger over Lieberman. Fascinating.

Yes. Fascinating.

Also, the New Republic(an) has been covering for Lieberman from the get go.
Yeah, Hube. I love the selective hearing.
You know, I just can't rouse myself to join the conservative chorus of praise for Joe Lieberman. Sure, he votes his conscience on defense, but at the same time he has been strongly opposed to drilling for our own oil in Alaska. He'd prefer we sent our energy dollars to prop up Middle Eastern sheikdoms and help them fund terror and hate in the madrassas around the Islamic world.
I did not believe this story when I first read it on DKos, but FS has now convinced me that it's true:

"Not true. Rove made a personal call, no help was offered, and we are not interested regardless."

Rove made a "personal" call? What the hell for--to swap recipes? Please! The acknowledgement that the call was made was a tacit admission that the story is true.
it's all a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Nah, it's only half-vast.
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