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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Ron Williams: The NJ political reporting sucks

Basically Williams says to read blogs if you want political coverage, not the News Journal. Patrick Jackson's Dean story and Robin Brown's on Castle supports that view.

In a surprisingly candid take on local political coverage Williams admits that the NJ's monopoly on political coverage has been broken. He points to Celia Cohen's story on Richard Korn and Mike and Dana's coverage of the early stages of the Feroce Campaign as evidence that the political information vacuum (formed by the NJ's shortsighted decision to "significantly cut back" its staffing in Dover and shift dollars to Ryan Cormier's drinking habit) has been filled.

Although Williams takes a dig at blogs in general in the closing sentence of the piece quoting the USAToday statement that blogs are "a cesspool of plagiarism". That sentence cannot be taken as anything other than ironic given the two thirds of the article Williams devotes to flat out ripping off Celia Cohen.

As if to support Williams thesis, Patrick Jackson's coverage of the Dean completely misses THE STORY. It was clear to me that Dean's appearance marked the begining of the end of machine party politics in Delaware.

You only needed to see Ed Freel, the ultimate Dem insider, wandering around bewildered while insurgent candidates like Dennis Spivack, Pat Williams, Richard Korn and John Kowalko held court to know that the barbarians are at the gate. Patrick missed that and focused on the party mechanics. Although, to his credit, he got Terry Strine on the record supporting the Democrats.

In the other politcal story of the day that supports (or possible helped frame) Williams opinion, Robin Brown gave Michael Castle a long languid tongue kiss. While war rages on and Castle's complete impotence in Congress has become genuine cause for concern, Brown decides to type up Castle's talking points. Rather than ask Mr. Castle the question that ALL OF DELAWARE is demanding to know; "Does Mr. Castle regret supporting Bush?" Brown plays stenographer while Castle throws out some 1970's vintage "happy talk".

"Delaware 'does things better' than other states". Whoop-freaking-eee!!!!

I think you are being too hard on Jackson. The story is the money and the messaging that Dean is bringing in. Cohen gets it - "The Republicans can play away. It is a safe bet the Democrats will drum up more votes with those three new staff members courtesy of Dean than the Republicans will with their donkey game."
True enough, to a point.

However, to me, the DNC money, mesasaging and the staffers are an outgrowth of the larger story which is the Democratic party being (re)taken over by outsiders.

It is the Carpers and Freeles of the world who started off with some Dem integrity and sold out to DLC style accomodation. That thin GOP gruel does not sell.
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Where's your full Dean post? I'm waiting to do mine until you do yours.
I had it half done and it got pre-empted by the Williams thing.
You went to the Dean shindig yesterday, Dave? If so, you may enjoy my post!
Jase: You might to consider these results when constantly trying to tie candidates to their support of Bush.
"Rather than ask Mr. Castle the question that ALL OF DELAWARE is demanding to know; "Does Mr. Castle regret supporting Bush?" "

I wonder, if we (politely) call the Castle campaign, if they'll claim to be deluged with calls from most Delawareans about that, or express irritance with one crank.
No, I wasn't there, but I have a take on it.
Go ahead and call. Remember HE works for YOU.
Hube, Thanks for the link.

The future of our country depends on the results of that survey changing.
The results would not have to change much. 50% think that support/nonsupport of President Bush is very/extemely important. If that holds true in Delaware, Castle could lose.
Wow, thgat tongue kiss statement had me looking at the WNJ for quick, what up!!!

Castle looks like a has been, lets hope that we make sure of it this year.
I meant to comment on the picture. It looks like the cat smells something funny.
The Castle article was a joke. If that is what passes for political reporting at the News Journal, then good riddance.
Found some tips in here... Not sure about it all, but was useful. keep it up

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