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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Dem Tidal Wave Building

According to election watching guru, Stu Rothenberg, a new poll for Democratic challenger Lois Murphy (PA 6) shows her leading GOP Cong. Jim Gerlach 42%-41%. While this is a statistical dead-heat, the results are significant given the President's standing in the district and Gerlach's far weaker position now than he was in his last race.

..and this...

...more voters and local Democratic leaders than ever before seem ready to cast aside their personal affections for longtime GOP incumbents for the sake of sending Congress and the Bush administration a message.

Possible Democratic takeover seats such as Rep. Johnson's and Virginia GOP Rep. Thelma Drake's, which seemed implausible targets as recently as a year ago, have slowly moved down the pipeline into contention, are now fully engaged by party committees alongside the nation's most competitive.

Over all, given the most recent evidence, it's not difficult for the Crystal Ball to observe which party can now claim the momentum in the guilt by association game. In the past month or so, it's appeared as if Democrats have been on the upswing almost effortlessly as members of the GOP have suffered under the burden of the administration's sagging numbers. - Via kos

That sound you just heard was Michael Newbold Castle's sphincter slamming shut. Please keep stonewalling "The Apology Issue" Mike.

Tidal wave is a good analogy. They both have the same affect when they hit America.
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