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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Can a man as dishonest as FERRIS WHARTON be the AG?

Does it take a certain level of honesty and character to be an AG or can someone as dishonest as Ferris fill the job?

I've been keeping out of the St. Ferris vs. Biden race on the grounds that Biden does not need the help of a lowly blogger and my energies should be spent elsewhere. However, I just read an email from Ferris Wharton that is so dishonest on its face, that I simply have to say something.

Here is the headline of the email: Beau Biden Refuses to Debate Ferris Wharton

That is a bold, assertive, declarative statement. Then comes this meek acknowledgment of the truth.."(Biden)did not agree to any debates this month.

The almost whispered truth...this month puts the lie to that bold declarative sentence and makes the email and the charge flatly and plainly dishonest. This type of GOP dishonesty that gives every Republican a bad name. But the larger point is - does this level of dishonesty disqualify a person from holding the office of Attorney General?

It clearly should.

He hasn't agreed to any debates in any other months either, but says he plans on debating later.

I plan on cleaning out my gutters. Doesn't mean it's going to happen.
I think Biden agrees to debate in the fall. Hence the dishonesty of the bold assertion "REFUSES TO DEBATE"

The R's can't have it both ways. Either it is St. Ferris, the guy whose record speaks for itself - it it is Blood and Guts Ferris, the guy who is not above the good ole GOP dirty trick.

This whole episode speaks to the level of desperation in the Ferris camp if you ask me.
Why not propose a deal-Beau will agree to debate Wharton sooner IF Castle will agree to debate Spivack sooner. I'd love to hear Republican responses to that!
Why not propose a deal-Beau will agree to debate Wharton sooner IF Castle will agree to debate Spivack sooner. I'd love to hear Republican responses to that!
Great observation. Maybe Mike could spend some of his famous prestige to help his down ticket sould brother Ferris get a clean shot at Beau.

I love it.
Until Biden says where and when, it's safe to say he hasn't agreed to anything.

Come on, man.
To put off a debate to the fall because that is when it is typically done is weak as hell, end of story. On the flip side, I will shout that as loud as you if that were Castle's reply to a similar Spivack request. If Biden were to come back and constructively decline and counter with specific dates, or even loosen up a little a give a date range, fine. I'd shut up for that. To instead counter with the fall because that is when they are traditionally done...such crap. I personally believe that to accept Ferris' proposal would be accepting Ferris' terms and thus losing perceived control. This was an attempted power play by both sides. Ferris played shotgun offense and Biden's defense is on the basketball court wondering where the game is.

If you don't get my point there (hell, I had a hard time, too), football, like the political season, starts in the heat of the SUMMER; basketball, well that traditionally starts in the fall. Baby Beau needs to get his game on and quit with that crap-ass excuse. I never thought I'd have more respect for his father than him, but I think that changed. Joe at least steps up to a challenge. Then again, Joe knows how to play.
Elsewhere in the blogosphere the claim was made, by someone smart enough to know better:

if Wharton wins, Wharton will probably never seek any another elected office beyond Attorney General.


If Wharton wins, I see him as the next fake-moderate Congressman from Delaware.

And for those who sneer down their noses at the thought that "party matters" for the AG spot, consider that in Ohio, the integrity and accountibility of the whole Federal electoral system may well rest on wins the AG seat.
messed up the link, should be:

in Ohio, the integrity and accountibility of the whole Federal electoral system may well rest on whether the Democrat or the Republican wins the AG seat.
Anybody who has ever met Ferris Wharton knows that he is not interested in any other position, and is only running for AG to simply get the promotion he would have gotten had it not been an elected office.
Apparently, AG is the only elected office in this state above Sheriff where qualifications count. How else do you explain Ruth Ann Minner?
mean old republicans not letting the dead vote dem and only letting dems vote more than once by requiring ID...

oh the horror!
not letting dems vote more than once by requiring ID (like we do in Delaware).
A big problen Ferris faces in this race is the DE GOP. They're running his campaign, and they're running it like they want to. They seem to be attacking Beau like he's already in office -- thus, these lame cries for early debates and the attack ads questioning his credibility.

Wharton's second problem is his ego -- or, rather, his lack of ego. A stronger candidate would stand up to the party and have a stronger hand in his own campaign. I've seen Wharton out in DE -- at parades, carnivals, etc -- and he seems very detached. Beau, on the other hand, is like a mad man, running around meeting everyone.
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