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Saturday, July 01, 2006


Spivack on Castle: "Out of touch (and) fear mongering"

Now this is what I'm talkng about... A Spivack campaign press released that calls Castle out for (yet again) voting with the extreme right wing of the republican party.

“Out of touch” Castle votes with Republican majority in scolding, intimidating the American press

NEWARK, Del. – Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) has cast yet another vote to empower the President and remove any checks and freedoms that Americans have counted on for centuries.

Last night, Castle joined with Dennis Hastert, Jim Sensenbrenner and other right-wing Republicans in voting to condemn the New York Times and other publications for telling the American people that their bank records were being examined without any disclosure. Eight Republicans crossed party lines and voted against, but Castle was not one of them.

Dennis Spivack, the Democratic congressional candidate, criticized Castle’s vote that lies in stark contrast with Delaware’s priorities.

“Mike Castle has again shown how out of touch a politician can become when he is inside the beltway for sixteen years,” said Spivack. “In the past six months, he has voted to criminalize nuns who help care for immigrants, to extend the President’s tax cuts for the rich, and now to limit the first amendment. At a certain point, enough is enough.”

“It is a sad irony that Mike Castle and President Bush believe leaks are OK when they help the administration – like in the Valerie Plame case – but not when they involve informing the American people of infringements on their bank records,” Spivack continued. “This is blatant fear-mongering as an excuse to limit the Bill of Rights, and Delawareans have repeatedly told me in recent months that they have had enough.”

Just in time for July 4th. I sure hope Castle enjoys the symbols and displays of empty patriostism this weekend. The fact that he has worked to render those sybols meangless is another irony I do not expect he will grasp.

Hey Jason, I like your current header statement....I agree that DEMs do "it" better...they do it nicer and that's why it is so hard to win.
Hold on now, Mike Castle has not been resting on his laurels. He has been hard at work bringing us a whole new commemmorative coin!
A NEW COIN! just what the republic needs. I like the way that press release focuses on the Castle coin obsession being a "money maker" for the federal government.

He neglects to mention the hundreds of billions of dollars that could have been saved if he were not a RUBBER STAMP for this out of control right wing adminsitration.
Good for the Spivack campaign press release strategy and posting it here at DE Liberal ....thanks Jason!
Jason - can you honestly say that a left-wing administration would not (happily) spend more money than this out of control one? Let's at least be honest in our criticisms here.
“This is blatant fear-mongering as an excuse to limit the Bill of Rights…."

Is the Second Ammendment still part of the Bill of Rights? I have yet to get a positive response from any Delaware Democrat or from Nancy Pelosi either, for that matter. As Progressives, we cannot speak about the Bill of Rights without lending support to all ten of them. If "times have changed" applies to the Second Ammendment, then maybe it applies to the First, too. And the Fifth. And the Fourth.
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