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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Just finished with Dace and Dave...

Well, that was different. Dace kept trying to tie me down on the fact that the Democrats don't have a coherent policy in Iraq - I ended up saying that I think we need to escalate our commitment which sounded terrible and is not quite accurate. What I was trying to say was that the country needs to either start thinking about this as a war that will demand real sacrifices - or get out.

Disclaimer - I only heard part of the show. I came in where Dave asked Jason about the Dem position on Iraq, then I had to leave toward the end of Dave's response to the same question.

Jason, I think you answered about as well as could be expected. Frankly it is true that Dems have a variety of opinion on Iraq. Well, duh - that's why Dems are having primaries! (I bet the MSM will fall down on investigating differences among the Repub primary candidates).

The trick is to present the Dem range of opinions on Iraq as a strength and not a weakness - which you did clearly by stating the Dem party is the only place where a debate on Iraq is taking place.

The only thing I'd add to your answer is "Dems want to tell the truth about Iraq, which George Bush refuses to do."

Dave, on the other hand, while I give him credit for not being a typical wingnut, basically responded by saying "he hoped" the Bush admin was working on an exit strategy, but they just couldn't talk about it. Sort of the "secret plan to end the war."
I don't think either of us sees ourselves as party spokesmen. It's kind of tough when it comes flying at you like that. It's a delicate and very complicated issue, and if you're like me, you wanted a do-over when it was done. What I said was that I hope there was always a plan to exit waiting for a time to be attached to it, but that I would never want that timetable published for our enemies to see it.

The overall point I was trying to make was that the Iraqis, by virtue of their forming a government and risking their lives to vote not once but three times, have shown some faith in democracy and some faith in us. We just need to have some faith in ourselves and in them.

Dace's point about the 'last helicopter' speech was strong. In the past when we have left before finishing the job, what has happened after we left? What happened to the South Vietnamese, the Somalians and the Iraqis in '91? Were they better off in the time after we left?

There's a reason that the Iranians and Al-Qaeda are convinced we don't have the stomach to stick it out. I just hope they're wrong.
I'm listening to the show (recorded) now and Jason gave the typical Dem. answer on Iraq: Nothing! Dace pressed Jason on it, too, and Jason couldn't provide an answer. His own opinion on the matter isn't a solution, either.

Is it any wonder why the Republicans still have a shot to maintain control of government come this November?
Thanks for listening and please be sure to patronize the sponsors.

As for my reply - you must have missed my awesome "car repair" metaphore.
I don't think there are any real or easy answers on Iraq. There was a window of opportunity that I believe is closing rapidly if it has not.
The car repair metaphor was pretty cool. I tried to turn it around on you, but I'm not sure it came off.
Jason, you are for escalating the war on terror?
but against Lieberman who supports the WOT and for Lamont who is "anti-war"?

how do you want to escalate the war?
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