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Monday, July 10, 2006


Eschton on Lamont

Conservatives and the MSM have teamed up yet again to get one of the big stories of the year wrong. Here it is in a nutshell.

While support for Lamont is much more to do with Lieberman being an enabler for Republicans than his support for the war per se, I do find it bizarre that being completely and totally wrong about that catastrophic foreign policy blunder, and continuing to be in fully support of that disaster, is considered to be off-limits by official Washington for judgment. Lieberman didn't just vote the wrong way, he continues to justify the invasion. I'm not sure why it's somehow rude for voters to think that maybe that such a person isn't deserving of re-election.

The kicker is, of course, Lieberman's claim that he supports this war "out of principle."

What principle is that?

Thats about right. And if I recall the MSM did not get bent out of shape when the ultra-conservative right wing Pat Toomey gave Arlen Specter a run for his money during the GOP primary the last time around.

But if any incumbent gets challenged on the left, it's time to wring your hands and start fingering the worry beads!
Yeah, the Toomey/Specter observation is making the rounds, and it's a good one. Chris Bowers at MyDD explains the MSM attitude:

"Progressives are definitely not supposed to be on the ascendancy. For a right-winger to unseat a moderate or a liberal, well, that is just how things are supposed to work."
Jason, you are for escalating the war on terror?
but against Lieberman who supports the WOT and for Lamont who is "anti-war"?

how do you want to escalate the war?

what are these "real sacrifices"?
The tone of the Toomey/Specter race was one of "we prefer the conservative to the liberal." The tone of Lamont/Lieberman is a life-or-death, vitriolic eviction by any means necessary.

It is different. The Dems don't seem like such a big tent party after all.
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