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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Delawareliberal on WILM 1450 AM

Just a reminder:

I'm going to be on Dace Blaskovitz's "Money & Politics in Delaware" at 3:30 Wednesdays where I'll be sharing the blog beat with a First State Politics. Comming off a three day weekend I feel woefully unprepared so email any and all news/tips/talking points to: delawareliberal(at)

Do they podcast this or have it online? I may have to catch this later. I will check out the web site.
I got this from the Lamont blog via Kos...
Pretty funny I thought

* England loses to Portugal on penalites in the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup, but coach Sven-Goran Eriksson pledges that his team will play France on Wednesday anyway as a "petitioning semifinalist."

* Andy Roddick loses in the third round at Wimbledon in straight sets to an upstart challenger, but reserves the right to play in the fourth round so that "all the Wimbledon fans can see him play."

* The Kansas City Royals, 28 games out of first place in the American League Central, announced today that they are "taking out an insurance policy" to ensure that they will be able to play in the World Series if they happen to miss the playoffs.
TWO bloggers? well if he lets you talk as much as you did last week - why not TWENTY bloggers?

Actually I suspect having bloggers will be such a novelty the host will divert all the talk to blogging rather than news.

Speaking of last week's show, no vote on SB 362 - it'll be back in August. Wonder what the story is there?

In New Jersey we have the spectacle of a Democratic governor forcing the legislature to pass tax increases on the Fourth of July in an election year.

C'mon, it's a national holiday! What kind of tyrant would force a legislature to meet on the Fourth of July? That's... un-American!

I did catch a bit of Corzine's press conference yesterday in which he defended the sales tax increase by disdainfully going through and discarding all the other taxes and fees he could have increased - but not once did he mention the possibility of raising CORPORATE taxes.

I don't completely understand the deal in NJ, but it sounds like the Repubs wants to get hold of a pile of money so they can create a massive property tax rebate. And Corzine is offering to compromise by only rebating HALF the pile of money. Sheesh!
TWO bloggers?

Well, you have to be 'fair and balanced,' right?

Jason -- thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

If you want to talk about Corzine tomorrow, I'd be happy to....

Dave @ firststatepolitics.
Anonymous person, didn't the Continental Congress meet on July 4?
mike, please check your sarcasm detector, it needs a tune-up.

Breaking news, Dave and Jason brush up on Enron because Ken Lay is dead, probably that's what everyone will want to talk about on a finance show today.
Yeah, I imagine it'll go Ken Lay - Enron - dereg - Delmarva and then go on and ona about Delmarva. I hope not.

I'd much rather talk about what's going on in New Jersey and how and why it is unlikely to ever happen here.
One topic I hope to keep hitting again: Any candidates running against an incumbent who voted for electric dereg can be expected to hit that pretty hard.

But let's look at whether those very same candidates (especially Repub challengers!!) actually supported electric dereg back in the 90s.

Remember the entire GOP is always in pro-corporate mode and in 1998 was howling like a pack of wolves for deregulation of anything that moved. I don't think there was a single Republican who was opposed to electric dereg at the time, so if they run against it now let's nail them. We'll need old newspaper articles, transcripts of long-forgotten debates to prove that case.

Oh and by the way, same concept goes for school reform. The entire GOP was yammering about accountability and standards, so now if they want to run against DSTP let's make them prove they were against it from the get-go.
Remember the entire GOP is always in pro-corporate mode and in 1998

Way I remember it, we had a Democrat-controlled Senate and a Democratic Governor who easily could have stopped it, so let's not try to make partisan hay out of dereg. For every Roger Roy on my side there was a Harris McDowell on yours who stirs controversy.

. I don't think there was a single Republican who was opposed to electric dereg at the time

I believe the only person who voted against dereg that is still around is Sen. George Howard Bunting from Rehoboth. Again, it was pretty much a unanimous thing. If you want to demonize, you have to demonize both sides on this issue.
Again, it was pretty much a unanimous thing. If you want to demonize, you have to demonize both sides on this issue.

No, you misunderstood my point. I want to make sure all the 2006 candidates remember electric dereg was unanimous and bipartisan.

Even if today's candidates were not in office in 1999, they may have a written record of being pro-dereg (or pro-DSTP) in 1998. For example, if they were active as party officials, or NCCCC.

Almost nobody in DE has clean hands on dereg or DSTP so anybody who runs against it is out of line and should be called on their past record.
Oh, sorry. I saw Republican twice and GOP twice in your post, but not the word Democrat, so I assumed you were only talking about Republicans. My bad.
Mike opens the hood on his sarcasm detector. Shakes head. Pokes at wires and valves and such. Shakes head. Mutters to himself: "Damn thing was workin' yesterday. Dammit. New fangled technology."
Again, it was pretty much a unanimous thing. If you want to demonize, you have to demonize both sides on this issue.

Thinking about this a bit more...

The demonization does fall a bit more on Republicans in Delaware. Let me explain: If a Repub challenger is running against a Dem and using dereg and DSTP as a weapon, the Republican will then be in the position of coming out against corporate deregulation and school accountability and standards. Maybe they would even have to support re-regulation. This would be too weird even by Delaware DIP standards.

Or, the Republican could walk a tightrope and say, "Yes, I am for electric dereg and school accountability, but it's the Democrats' fault it got all screwed up." That would be a tough mode of attack since corporate dereg and school accountability has always been a GOP plank.

1. I am
I think it's much more an incumbent/anti-incumbent thing than it is a Republican/Democrat thing. I don't understand how the state's minority party could be more responsible for something or more accountable for something than the majority party.

That said, I believe in Delaware, it really is a race-by-race issue. As far as DSTP is concerned, is the issue the test, or is it testing in general? As far as dereg goes, both parties voted nearly unanimously for it, so just because the national GOP shows a penchant for deregulation, does that somehow absolve the Democrats in the legislature who voted for it or the Democratic governor who signed it?
No, Dems are not absolved. But if a Repub challenger attacks a Dem incumbent for voting for elec dereg or DSTP, the Dem should say "Right back at you!" I don't know, but a little research might find some of these guys like Moore and Ramone on record supporting those initiatives, before the public turned aganst them.
Nice show, J.
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