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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Grapevine Political Writer Covers First State Gridiron Dinner & Show With Sloppy Kisses

If you want to throw up go read Celia Cohen's fawning, slobber covered ode to the "Gridiron Dinner". Not only is she in her insidery glory - she actually tries to apply her meager journalistic skills to giving her gentle readers a sense of the comic hijinks. Here is a taste...

Minner had this retirement stuff in perspective. She told the crowd she expected to enjoy it through nice dinners, travel to Europe and the occasional ball game -- "what the heck, I'm doing that now."

Oh, jeez. I can just hear the crickets chirping. What a debacle. But wait it gets worse. Listen to Celia get weepy and wax nostalgic WHILE leading into a hacktackular song parody by some rich guy.

In the old days, the Gridiron signature was Lynda Maloney's annual variation of "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina" from "Evita." This year marked the debut of Christopher Maloney, introduced as "Son of Gridiron," singing in a voice as strong and sweet as his mother's:

Don't cry for me, Delmarva Power.
I'll just go take a cold shower.
All through the seasons
With no resistance
You make your profits
Off my subsistence.

If this is what you have to sit through to become an insider, count me out.

Echhhh. Minner goes to show you that comedy requires intelligence.

Golly shucks, folks, my fat ass is living it up in Europe on your dime! Isn't that a hoot? Know what's even funnier? The idea that you rubes actually get anything out of it but a bill as big as my gut?? GUFFAW!! This will crack you up : European business leaders taking me seriously! CHORTLE!!!

These people are pathetic sick vultures. People all over this state are being hijacked of their bread money by pig-faced lobbyists, trough-slopping politicians, and pick-pocketing energy monopolies....and these bitches are singing songs.

Shame, Celia. Shame.

No wonder her Crapvine is not open for comments. She would be singing songs and rocking herself to sleep in a mental institute after hearing responses to the frivolous dung she unloads from her keyboard.
Yeah, but you had to love this:

"Funny thing about the Gridiron, it was not the players who got Minner back but Edward S. Woolard Jr., the DuPont ex-chief given a civic award at the dinner. In his acceptance remarks, he said he was warned if he supported John M. Burris, the Republican who ran against Minner in 2000, the state police would be a mess, the prisons would have problems and the state finances would sour.

Well, he did, and it happened."
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