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Friday, January 13, 2006


There is no such thing as a Pro-Choice Republican

Arlen Specter has announced that he will vote in favor of Judge Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court. Arlen Specter claims to be pro-choice but this vote makes it very clear where he stands. Ladies reading this, you just lost your right to privacy. You no longer control your reproductive health. Maybe you should just do what the ancient Greek women did and stop having sex, at least with men. Maybe that would convince all these old, white men to get the heck out of your bedrooms and your doctor's offices. Nah! They are too old to care anymore.

I wonder how many Democrats will line up and vote Pro-Choice. It will be interesting to see who crosses over.

Just like Castle.

Arlen Specter enjoys an undeserved reputation as a moderate. They are both a couple of frauds who believe in nothing other than being re-elected.
This is not a referendum on abortion. This is a confirmation hearing for the President's nominee for the Supreme Court. Despite the opinion of the left-wing single-issue groups, the SC does take cases that have nothing to do with abortion quite regularly.

And even if Roe v. Wade is overturned, it doesn't make abortion illegal, it just allows the states to make their own laws.

I am a Republican who believes in certain reproductive rights. I think the government should stay out of my bedroom, my business, my church and my gun closet. I think abortion should be safe, legal and extremely rare. I do not think it should be available on demand up until the day the baby is born.

Just because my party has aligned itself with the religious right does not mean you can't be a Republican AND believe in reproductive rights.

You sound just like Bill Clinton. What is it like being the only sane republican left in the country?
DT for governor!!
J, get it right. Bill Clinton sounds like me.

And Nancy, although that is the only elective office that interests freakin' way.
I do think there are some pro-choice Republicans - here's my theory on it. Its just not as hight up on their list of concerns as other "issues" about which they are more "Republican." Otherwise, they would not be aligned with a party with an anti-choice platform. Same deal as the pro-life Democrats; they are concerned about abortion, but have issues they are more concerned with about which they agree with the Democrats. Its all a matter of priority. Most people have to sacrafice some perosonal ideology to subscribe to a party platform - for moderates, the sacrafice is simply greater.
You described me to a tee, MM. It's just not as important to me as some other issues.
Delaware is the only state I can think of where a pro-choice Republican could actually get nominated without a fight.
Nominated for what? There are pro-choice Republican Senators, Congressmen and Governors in other states. And I think a pro-choice Republican would have a fight in Delaware.
If he means for President, I'm ot so sure. Delaware has a closed primary, so its only the Republican base that votes, and they would be unlikely to support a pro-choice candidate. They could easily win in an open election in DE, but that's another story entirely.
I think a pro-choice Republican would have a fight in Delaware

When's the last time Mike Castle had a primary opponent for ANY office?

On the other hand, look at Arlen Specter, who had to defeat a theocon challenger; the primary ended up damaging Specter by activating the religious right against him.
DT what is it with the open primaries that we see in other is a nausiating thing to observe the contaminated decisions that come out of that process....horrors.

Also, remember the Specter fending for his grip on the chairmanship of judiciary? The good old GOPer styled "transactionist" mode forced him to his knees on SCOTUS choice.
Nancy, perhaps it is early for me, but I didn't understand any of that.
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