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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Insider Trading at Frist and Delay Offices

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It seems that members of Frist's and DeLay's staff have been alerting brokers about the fate of pending legislation that affects stock performance. Brian Baird (3rd District - Washington) has asked the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct to investigate a practice called "political intelligence," in which firms and other entities share information about Congressional action with Wall Street investors to be used in trade decisions.
Baird's letter goes on to question whether sharing such confidential information is a violation of House rules, since the rules are mute on the subject. In other words, these guys have once again invented new ways shaft the American public. In this case, the "investor class" of America. The old time constituents of the Republican Party, before the nuts took over. And, this not only involves Frist and DeLay but others associated with the Ambramoff scandal.
BTW, if you question the source (Raw Story Blog) this has also been reported in The Hill. But you won't hear a word about it in the traditional media.

Republicans show time and again that they think people who work are suckers.

Modern republicans are all about getting something for nothing. They (at least the guys in charge) seem to view themselves as "players" who have nothing but contempt for people who actually produce things.
HEE HEE Frist go ye down, waaaay down you dirty dog.
Delay is there already.
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