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Friday, January 20, 2006


I'm Wondering About Faith Based Initiatives

Call me a cynic, but I'm always looking for the hidden agenda on any BushCo programs. Like faith-based initiatives. They've set up an office in the White House to pass out money to local churches to do good deeds in their communities. Sounds like a wonderful idea. The logic is that the local churches know who needs what, and because they are right there on the ground they can deliver it more efficiently than the government. Makes sense right? Except, the guys getting the money for their favorite causes are preachers who have a bully pulpit every Sunday and whose flock follows them. And, those preachers have to know that if they bad mouth BushCo the money is going to dry up. And, some of them are bound to get caught up in the money flow and promote BushCo in the hopes of getting more money. So, the hidden agenda? Co-opt urban churches. If you think I'm wrong on this let me know.

Your tax dollars at work:

Tax cuts for the rich - the rich support Bush.

Tax cuts and EIC for the very lowest wage-earners - they support Bush.

Faith-based money and promised school vouchers for religious groups - they support Bush.

Massive increases in miltary budget - the military supports Bush.

See a pattern here?
Rev. Ken Blackwell with Delaware GOP including Pete du Pont. No, not a long time ago - this was just last month.

Quote from Champagne Pete:
"He wants to cut tax rates, he wants to reduce state spending," Gov. du Pont said. "He has the right vision for Ohio."

The press release of Blackwell's visit, as described on the Delaware GOP web site, is an interesting read. After a brief nod through some GOP talking points (tax cuts, vouchers, personal responsibility), fully fifty percent of the article is devoted to a discussion of the Olympic long-jump heroics of Blackwell's great-uncle.
I'd be interested to see if any of the money flows to African-American churches - that would pretty well disprove your theory. Also, if they money was going to various denominations that tend to be more liberal (i.e. Episcopal, certain United Methodist churches, Unitarian Universalist) it would indicate that this program is operating for the right reasons, in spite of the church-state issues that make some uncomfortable.
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