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Monday, December 26, 2005


Not Suitable for Polite Conversation

Last night at the family feast not a word was said about Bush or America. Once or twice somebody started to make some statement but then thought better of it. Somebody else quickly changed the subject. We did not fear an argument since we all agree that Bush is the worst president ever. But we are fatigued and tired of the ever growing list of crimes against our nation. We are appalled at what America has become. So for last night's celebration we huddled in our home and tried to pretend that all was well. Because America is no longer a subject you can talk about in polite conversation.

No, America! Talk, talk non-stop about her. It is pols who grind you down to the weariness state you're in.

Give nothing to the independents who blew away the chance for DEMs to retain control in DC. Blame the GOPer machine and Clinton's libido but don't turn away from your America, she needs your faith and energy now as ever.

Blame ourselves for the muddy message of a divided party.

Take this year to work the kinks out, clear the clobwebs and present a vision for this land that no attack will puncture.
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