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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


The latest faulty reason

Everyone reading this blog knows the long and shifting list of reasons that BushCo has used to justify our invasion of Iraq, so we don't need to rehash them. Of course, the latest is that we are nation-building there. We're creating a democracy that will be a guiding light to the Middle East. Bollocks!

Iraq is an artificial nation with no natural reason to exist. It was formed by the English to create a petroleum cartel that would generate capital and profits for English colonial interests. There is no cultural, religious, or even geographic reason for a united Iraq to exist. The only thing that has held Iraq together for all of its history is oil and money and greed. Therefore, to engage in nation-building in Iraq is a futile exercise. There is no nation. Trying to bring democracy and some sort of federal government to Iraq is an exercise in futility. The Iraqis know it, the English know it and the U.S. is about to learn it.

Because, regardless of what we do, whether we withdraw in the next six month or we occupy the region for the next six years, ultimately Iraq will deunify. It will move back to traditional boundaries and three distinct nations. Nations held together by the natural glue of religion and culture and geography. When you remove the dictator, or colonial power, that is what historically happens. We've seen it in the former Soviet Union and we will see it again in Iraq.

BushCo has admitted in the past several weeks that mistakes have been made in Iraq. Now they need to recognize that Iraq cannot exist without greed and unchecked power as a uniting factor. If the neo-cons truly think they can create a united, democratic nation in Iraq then they are still smoking whatever it was that convinced them we would be welcomed as liberators.

Things are going to get much worse in Iraq over the next five years. Civil war is probably inevitable unless the UN or the Arab League step in, and even then the people of the region will continue to fight out their differences on the ground. Iraq has already become another center for terrorism and the mindless religious and cultural attacks that have characterized Israel and Palestine for the past fifty years. Continued U.S. presence in the region with only exacerbate this and our military experts tell us there is no military solution to the problem. We simply continue to place our people in harms way to no purpose. We continue to pour money into a bottomless cesspit of despair and discord.

Saddam was inhumane and unfeeling. Most would agree that the world is a better place now that he is in jail. But, one wonders if the Iraqis would have willingly made the trade if they knew what was in store for them? The American people surely would not have made this choice if somebody had told them the truth.

It's time to stop compounding our errors. It's time to leave Iraq. No more insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. No more lies about progress. Staying the course will not change anything. We broke it but we cannot fix it. It is time to stop wasting American lives and resources. Bring our people home to their families. Bring our money home where it is so desperately needed by our own poor and disadvantaged. End this outrage before it becomes even more outrageous.

Sorry, you lost me there, DV.

I agree we shouldn't be in Iraq. But the quagmire is in full swing, and leaving would be worse than staying. An immediate withdrawal would make America less safe than it is today. I am sorry I need to feel this way, and we do have Bush to blame for the dilemma.

The neocon vision of Iraq as a beacon of democracy in the Middle East is a long shot, and in many ways is laughable. But on the other hand, if it works even a little, I'm for it. I'd like to see a few more election cycles in Iraq, and some increasing prosperity.

I don't think the neocons have any intention of leaving Iraq ever. I think the sole reason for the invasion was to establish a permanent US military presence in the region to protect US interests. I wish we were energy independent and didn't have to worry about such things, but we're not.

GOP strategists are just waiting for Democrats to call for immediate withdrawal. Hell, they are already building pro-withdrawal straw men out of Democrats who DON'T support withdrawal.

I think the Democratic position should be "Bush got us into this mess, now let the Democrats fix it. " But a hasty withdrawal will not fix anything.
Great point above, phase out not pull out and let the DEMs fix it.

DEMs don't need talking points from Howard Dean, let him fundraise and spread the wealth to the states...that is his forte.

Lets go to some of the brighter bulbs in the bunch like Feingold, and "gasp", Biden (qualification commentary for the benefit of our local self-esteemed challenged DEMS who can't muster support for our own top dog in foreign policy).
As a Democrat I would be happy to assign Biden to foreign policy provided he never, ever has the opportunity to vote on a banking bill again.
Yes but "phase out" will be twisted into "cut and run" by the GOP and will damage Democrats in 2006.

We Democrats need to ignore our "withdraw now" crowd (but we still love you!) and consult our own hardliners to develop a Democratic (or dare I say "bi-partisan") plan for security and democracy in Iraq.
I dare you to say it! Bi-partisan sure looks awful grownup and mature to be thrown to even the smallest measure of the likes of the DC crowd as we know it.
But by whose graces have the ANWAR provisions been thwarted? and a halting of an eager Patriot Act approval is due to the brave and honest men and women of principal who do their work for the people first off.
Okay gang! I'm willing to endorse Russ Finegold's plan to withdraw by the end of 2006. I'd like to see the Congress adopt a policy of phased withdrawal now, not six years from now. And, I'd like the Dems to get the credit for knowing when to "fold them". We need to be sure the voters understand that it is the Dems who oppose staying the course. I'm very much afraid that our neo-con friends are going to resurrect the "Tricky Dick" secret plan to win the war and once again prove how gullible the American voter really is.

Nancy, your comments on Biden are fair. He does know his stuff when it comes to foreign relations and he doesn't play "politics" with America's security. But, as noted here, he sure does when it comes to the banking industry.

And as for being energy independent . . . well that's a whole other blog.
The Progressive DEMs grew out of observing our DE federal leadership and lack thereof, n'uff said.
by the way, I appreciate the cynical expectation of subterfuge and fast and loose "playing" for a win strategy for GOPers.

I have always figured the Iranian hostage deal was just that, a GOPer political deal and the list drones on.

2000 and 2004 played out like molassas for the DEM office hopefuls. Concurrently we need to 1). fix the DEM response time to thwart GOPer anti-messages and 2). fix the nation's voting machines!
And send some money to Chuck Schumer. He thinks the Dems have a shot at taking back the Senate.

In Delaware, we can at least put up a fight against Castle and try to make the GOP spend some resources here instead of in closer races.

Realistically we probably can't take Castle down, but if we can flip either house, Delaware wins with or without Castle.
LOL, if Democrats want us out of Iraq, cut off payments to Hallburton. The troops will be on the boat home by the end of the week.
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