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Saturday, December 31, 2005


Happy "Snarky" New Year's Eve

I'm looking into my crystal ball and it's two weeks until the 2006 mid-term elections. Things aren't looking too good for the GOP and Karl is spinning like crazy, ooops, that's not Karl, he's been forced to resign because of Plamegate. Whoever it is, they're trying to come up with the gimick that will save the day. Wait, wait - a double wedding in the East Room will for sure distract the main stream media and the nation. The twins get married on live TV!

So we need a couple of boobs, I mean grooms. What should we look for in prospective husbands, sons-in-law to the Bush family? Well, we don't want anybody too bright, that would give the rest of the clan a complex. Besides, we don't want to mess up the gene pool with any possiblity of intelligence.

What other traits should we look for in prospective bridegrooms for the girls?

Posts like that are why you all always lose the big ones.
Ouch... yeah, I'm a Democrat, but you are in Whoopi Goldberg territory here. I don't like it.
Sorry! It was in poor taste. But ya gotta admit it's the sort of thing that the "average" voter eats up with a spoon.

And, I was accosted in a parking lot yesterday by a Republican who objected to my bumper sticker so I was in a really ugly mood when I wrote it. Sometimes it's hard to keep things civil.
Ever notice how it always falls to the Dems to be civil, while the R's are kicking us in the head..?

Anyway, Hi and happy new year! This is a quick shout out from someplace warm and sunny.

PS. I would not put it past the Bush braintrust to try a double wedding if they thought it would move them closer to getting rid of social security.
OK, here's a fun snark game that isn't too mean:

What feel-good hero will be introduced as a featured member of the audience for the State of the Union Speech?
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Yes, good to be thinking about the calendar and the election: Next week are the NSA hearings -- Monday, 06 Feb -- Constitutional issues -- maybe we can get voters to watch AND/OR discuss here.
I saw this chatted about on Atrios' blog a few days ago and don't find the much.

What was interesting was that Bushco has bought some kind of huge tract in Paraquay and folks thought it would be to house Laura when Bush became King.
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