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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Creepy Feeling

I have to admit that I'm feeling a little paranoid over the NSA spying thing. I'm certainly not important enough to attract attention from these guys but just knowing that nothing I say is safe from government spying gives me the willies. All the more reason for me to keep saying it, but it took an extra twenty minutes to get my brain in gear this morning. I kept being distracted. Eeew! I don't like it when people try to intimidate me.

So, I'm wondering if maybe the real agenda here is the intimidation of the American public. Remember this is the Orwell Administration. If it says Clear Skies it means unfettered pollution. If it says Healthy Forests is means clear-cut those suckers. If it says Keeping America Safe it means destroying what America stands for. You have to twist it all around to figure out what the real agenda is.

Do they honestly think they can get away with this one? It's pretty big. But, why wouldn't they? They've repeatedly broken the law and gotten away with it. Scaring the public into shutting up might just be part of their strategy. They are brazen enough to fix elections and let their Deibold guy brag about it. They are brazen enough to blatantly rob from the poor to give to the rich. Why not blow up our freedom of speech? Who is going to stop them? Not Congress, and pretty soon not the Supreme Court. It's the sort of thing Rove would just revel in.

If you missed the ACLU ad comparing Bush to Nixon in the December 22nd issue of the NYT you can see it on DailyKos. It's in the recommended diaries section this morning.

Have a good day and keep complaining loud and often! They may be spying but the good news is that they are too lazy and incompetent to do much with it.

According to recent polling, 64% of Americans believe that the NSA should be allowed to listen in on conversations between terror suspects and Americans. This includes a majority of R's, I's, and even a slight majority of D's. How do you think this will affect election 2006 if Democrats continue to make it an issue?

link for poll
Sounds like a typical skewed poll... what was the exact wording of the polling question? As far as I know, the NSA and law enforcement have always been allowed to wiretap US citizens, with a warrant. I'm all for that.

If they had said: "Do you believe the NSA should be allowed to secretly tap US citizens phone and Internet lines without a warrant?" would that have affected the poll?

I think Republican candidates who vigorously defend domestic warrantless spying will hurt themselves and further expose the GOP as being hostile to civil liberties.

Remember, the larger issue isn't wiretaps on terrorists - it's the arrogance of executive power.
"Should the National Security Agency be allowed to intercept telephone conversations between terrorism suspects in other countries and people living in the United States?"

I just wonder if the Democrats can afford to hang their hats on an issue that can be manipulated enough to have a majority of D's, I's and R's sign on. I think deep down, when the curtain is drawn behind them in the voting booth, people would choose safety over privacy rights almost every time.

And if the issue is the arrogance of executive power, then the same case can be made about nearly every president in history.

I'm just not sure standing against something will be as successful as standing for something.
I had the willies about abuse like this as soon as the Patriot Act was first passed, I kept my radical thoughts to myself.
I guess I've gone through some personal growth since then.
Now I say in-your-face Bushelda.
AGENT JIM: Satellite uplink confirmed, visual in progress. Nancy is emerging from the building.

AGENT BOB: OK, I've got a lock on her. Prepare to engage the mind-ray... DAMN!! She put on the tinfoil hat again!!
Actually I think Bush KNOWS the spying was illegal and he would have MUCH preferred to lie, cover up, and stonewall, except that somebody must have reminded him what happened to Nixon.

So instead he has decided to brazen it out, and has put Rove on the case to taint the jury pool with push-polls like "Is it OK if the NSA wiretaps phone conversations to prevent terrorists from killing your children?"
If the spying was illegal, it was illegal for Clinton, for Bush I, for Reagan, for Carter, for Ford, for Nixon, for Johnson. . . Let's retroactively impeach every President since the telephone was invented!!

It wasn't illegal. It was Constitutional. Get over it. Or, in your speak, "MoveOn."
Yeah, it was just a third-rate burglary, who cares.

The first rule about illegal spying is, you don't talk about illegal spying. Previous Presidents kept it small and discreet. Not this one.

Bush likes to blame "leaks." Hmmm... d'ya think maybe the intelligence community is ratting him out because they DEEPLY resent his making them the patsy for the bogus WMD claims to justify the war?

I think this one will stick...
"Previous Presidents kept it small and discreet." You're gonna have to prove that one to me. Clinton's ECHELON program claimed to capture nearly all communications in the U.S. at one point. Tell me, then, what is the difference between any other President and this one on this issue, other than rogue CIA managers who don't mind committing a little treason so long as it scores a few political points.
Love to wear my hat, FOILED AGAIN BUSH!!!!
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